Zimbabwe Exchange Project

A global citizenship education programme was originally set up to enable young people to develop an in depth understanding of different cultures, the world and their place within a global community. Central to the development of this programme are the core principles of Curriculum for Excellence and the priorities of partner countries. This programme provides a platform enabling our local young people to experience the wider world, cultivate positive attitudes toward difference and diversity, recognise the responsibility we have to understanding those differences, appreciate their own circumstances and embrace the opportunities available to them assisting them to play a full and active part in society.

Our exchange project with Zimbabwe has grown massively over the past few years. We now have a strong connection with the community of Nemauku. At their primary school, we currently provide scholarships for 20 children. This enables them to strive and gives them the opportunity to learn. Each year, we select one young person that has shown potential to go on to study at St Anthonys High School. At the moment, we have 3 young people studying at the boarding school and they are doing very well.

Brighter Horizons Zimbabwe are in the process of building a community centre which will provide safety for the village. The building itself is coming along nicely with the foundations now built. Once complete, the community centre will provide secure accommodation for the volunteers when out visiting Nemauku. We have previously secured and made fresh water available for the community.

Our most recent visit in April 2019 seen us meeting with MP Honorable Svuure in Harare. We shared our plans for Zimbabwe and he promised to support Brighter Horizons through the next few years. Hamish and Marcus also met with Chief Ndanga, Area Head, Village Heads, Wad leadership, local councilors and other leaders to share their vision for the community in Zimbabwe. They have been granted freedom to do as they please and the chief pledged his support of our project.

The latest updates and videos can be found on Brighter Horizons Zimbabwe Facebook Page.

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