Our Story

Where have we come from?
Brighter Horizons has been active in the local community towns of Banff and Macduff since 2005. The charity, as it was then, was set-up specifically for young people in the area. Various projects were held for young people and it became apparent in 2008 that premises were needed to co-ordinate all the projects and events that were being held. Premises were rented in Low Street in Banff. At this point we were reaching 100 different young people.

During 2009 charities saw a downturn in funding available to them. It had been hoped that Brighter Horizons would purchase the premises on Low Street but it was decided, due to the current economic climate that this would not go ahead. Always resourceful though, and forward thinking, Brighter Horizons scaled back during the dry-funding years, and refocused on the projects that were widely supported by the local young people. Links were established with Princess Royal football ground in Banff to help with the continuation of projects such as Friday Night Football, and to this day these are still popular amongst the young people of Macduff and Banff community and the outlying areas.

It was apparent that Brighter Horizons was starting to show signs of growth and local work with school lunchtime drop-in clubs, sport and exchange plans meant that we really needed a supported employed position to co-ordinate all the amazing work the volunteers were carrying out. A local company, Bachlaw Projects Ltd based near Cornhill and also in Banff, offered to support the paid part-time position. This gave more scope to help young people in the area and to grow opportunities that previously had been not achievable.

During 2012 and 2013 a decision was reached to dissolve Brighter Horizons as a charity.

In 2013 Bachlaw Projects threw a life-line to Brighter Horizons, having recognised the difference they had made to the local community, they stepped in and helped Brighter Horizons become a not for profit company.

Premises were identified in Macduff and towards the end of 2013 Brighter Horizons purchased the old Institution Hall. During 2014 various meetings were held within the community to seek the wishes of the local people of Banff and Macduff. These were well attended and out of this came the plan to move forward with the renovation of the old hall.
Work started early in 2015 and the open day was held on 5th August 2015